Meeting The Moon once again

By Rachabel | Racha | 31 Jul 2023




Tonight, the sky is too glaring

When I raised my eyes I saw him 
the full moon time here once again
I am enthralled by a mesmerizing feeling 
 Which nobody could explain

I wonder, whether it's my mood or the effect of the phenomenon

Though the sky is usually wrapped with constellation
The plenilune always has a special reign

Some say that it got an impact uncommon
Maybe the story is relative to a folky recounting 
Even in movies, scenarists make humans turn
Into a weird living thing 


A supernatural imagination woven by the brain
Between reality and the script notion 
We often lean toward the fiction

The image of stars  roaming around the new moon
Always evokes strange emotions within 
When I tilt up my face toward the sky alone
An alchemical bind is born 
I can't turn a blind eye then The spell is too strong to disdain


The full moon was always singular and will remain 
 I stand still with words unspoken

Relishing the fascinating heavenly meeting 

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Interested in writing, reading, translation, nature, poetry, humanity, life philosophy.

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