By Rachabel | Racha | 6 Nov 2023



Tears flowing from my eyes smoothly 
While watching children's corpses scattered savagely 

What happened to humanity keeping silence
Witnessing such cruelty with indifference
Politicians preaching peace in conferences
While behind the scene weaving diabolical schemes 

Two nations are exterminating each other in a combat so meaningless 

And the rest of the world keeps watching as if it was a theater piece 


Being bigoted and thoughtless leads nowhere
Life is too short to spend it declaring war
Earth is so spaced to assimilate all its dwellers
But, greed and hatred seem to incarnate souls 


My heart aches when seeing the sadness in a deaf girl's eyes hearing bombs 
When seeing an old woman bereaving her martyred sons

And babies buried before drawing their smiles 

Where does humanity hide before such brutalness?!
Does mercifulness disappear from our hearts ?!


Bitterness is the only emotion derived from human's madness 

My words no longer appease my sadness 

As long as the wars bell echoes

Tears are still dropping from my eyes

Until the sun of justice rises

Until the white dove of peace flies 


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I am a graduate from university, love reading, writing and translation. I love books and everything related to knowledge.


Interested in writing, reading, translation, nature, poetry, humanity, life philosophy.

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