Dare To Succeed

By Rachabel | Racha | 10 Jun 2022


Success means simply persistence. Success does not require an excuse, and failure leaves no excuses. Some of us have runways from which to take off to success,  But if you don't own these runways, you have to build them yourself. 

"Dare to succeed", a title of a book that really inspired me and gave me a boost to create my own blog and start writing. I admit that I'm not very strong when it comes to writing a column or article, especially since English is not my mother tongue, and yet, I have this passion that motivates me so much to the point of dreaming that one day I too would have my book on the library shelves, why not, after all, everything has a beginning, and you have to start somewhere in order to reach the intended destination.

At first, I was very reluctant to take the initiative to write, I was afraid of failing, afraid of not being up to my expectations or those of my readers , therefore I made the first step by subscribing in publish0x platform , I admit that I was not sure of what I am about to do, but I think daring is the best key not only to success but also to change of oneself and to enhance self-confidence. 


Procrastination is the worst thing that delays our dreams, as well as our life, I have already heard this a thousand times from coaches and others, and I always hear it, it is a truth by the way , which the good majority of people suffer from and only realize after a good waste of time and age, well it's never too late to realize any dream, better late than never as they say, but you have to take the reins of your life to move forward at all costs.


To dare remains an effective weapon to succeed and perhaps even in case of failure, remains that one tried to avoid remorse and regrets in the future. 

Our evolution is obliquely linked to our open-mindedness; our grit and daring play a very important role in it to forge a path anywhere or how, but the principle is to take action, no matter also the criticism of others or their mockery, the main thing is to try, to try again and again until you are convinced that you have made the right choice, even after failure, which in my opinion is the first step towards success, you go for it, you dare and the fruit of your efforts will surely emerge.


Sometimes just a word, a gesture, a piece of advice, a situation or even a title like "Dare to succeed" by Jack Canfield, has an immense effect on changing the course of our lives, a change that we have so hoped for, but that we do not know where to start, however, with the secret corridors of destiny, there is always a window from which the light spreads its wings on our journey and in order to illuminate our life.


Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Writing is my way to free my thoughts.

A pen is a peaceful weapon 

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