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A Cavalier Funeral

By Rachabel | Racha | 28 Oct 2023




Your sudden absence changes a lot
You were the family head and the support
Shrouded, you seem just taking a rest
Dead body, but your soul still present


Even the heaven shares our grief
A dusty and windy storm breaks off

Your horse shows his mourning through discomfort 
Your cavalrymen are crying over your forfeit


A cloud of melancholy hangs over the residence
Your absence left a painful emptiness

Death is a hateful guest
Death is an inevitable right and fate 
Aware of it, still our hearts should inflict


Your funeral was a tremendous event 

One of a real chevalier and knight 

'cause your generosity' s blossoms display its impact 


The farewell was so sad and fabulous

Feeling your aura roaming around us 

We are already beginning to miss your presence 


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Interested in writing, reading, translation, nature, poetry, humanity, life philosophy.

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