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What happened to Crypto Queen? Latest news on Ruja Ignatova OneCoin founder.

Who is Ruja Ignatova?


Ruja Plamenova Ignatova, born May 30, 1980 in Bulgaria. Emigrated to Germany with her family when she was 10 years old, widely known as a Crypto Queen, she was involved in a 2014 Scheme called BigCoin and she also founded OneCoin Ponzi Scheme. She is officially on the run, wanted by many international institutions such as Interpol and FBI.

What was OneCoin?


Worldwide Ponzi Scheme created in 2014, orchestrated by a large group of individuals led by Ruja Ignatova. OneCoin most notable characteristic was not a Cryptocurrency but rather a Centralized currency, owned and run on OneCoin servers. It was operating until 2017, in which OneCoin managed to siphon approximately 4 billion USD from its investors, most of the funds have not yet been recovered. 

Latest news about Ignatova

Ignatova was last seen in Greece in 2018. There was no trace after she arrived on a plane.

Latest events may shed some more light about her whereabouts. 

According to

"The ex-head of a criminal police department in the Bulgarian capital was shot in March, 2022. An informant’s report, found in а safe box in his home, suggests that Ruja Ignatova was killed on a yacht in the Ionian Sea, her body dismembered and thrown into the water. The execution was carried out on the order of a drug lord, the publication alleges"


My thoughts

Ruja Ignatova is well known to be a very intelligent and resourceful scammer. There are many plot holes in the whole story about her disappearance as well as the whole investigation of OneCoin smells like she had a lot of influence over its course. She also has a lot of money and connections with various people around the world that do dirty business. As long as there is no body, we cannot be sure if that is not another story made up by her and her associates in order to make a cover up the fact that she is somewhere out there with a big pile of cash, stolen from scammed investors.

It seems im not alone in this line of thought.


None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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