When is the perfect time to post an Article?

By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 27 Jan 2021

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This is no doubt a Million dollar question.

I've been writing and posting articles about cryptos and different stuff for almost two months now. Since I've joined, I gained way much more success than I ever thought I will.
What I mean with success is the engagement in my articles and as well the tips. #thanksforyougenerosity

I'm a pretty curious type and I always have the urge to know how things work, what are the limits, what else it can do, and so on. By the time I was here, I tried many things to make my way through and have my posts appear on the popular section.
Well, sometimes I did get that, sometimes I failed miserably.

But! You haven't really failed if you learned something.

When do I post an Article?

I tried to post in different times inside a day and what I've learned is that it is kind of always different.
For example, on Monday's your post can reach a high number of views or clicks during the lunch break. When it comes on Friday's I realized that people would love to enjoy their evenings out (even though it's kind of a difficult thing during pandemics). When it comes to Sunday's, don't expect to be seen if you post at evening...many are getting ready for bed, tomorrow it's the beloved Monday.

How to get more readers on your articles?

Time of posting is a significant matter, but what matters even more is what you do write about.

Cliche titles might not work! What I encourage you to do is, to find a very informative title, yet you have to be able to let something that might get the readers attention to click the post and read it.

Length of the article

Long posts are not always boring! But, we are living in a very dynamic world when most of the time we are in a hurry. We just don't have all day to give our attention to some things. Yet, if you want to make a scientific article or a research you have to go into details. What I find useful is, take a subject you want to write about, take all the information and write only the ones you remembered. Those are undoubtedly the most significant ones.

How many photos should I include?

A picture is worth a thousand words! But, too many photos are just a collage and don't speak anything, they'll only show that you didn't have anything to say.
Pick your pictures carefully, they have to be informative but you always have to explain some of the major things that you intended to say when you included them.


Tags are super necessary, they'll help your article appear at the right section. I've seen that many authors do include some tags that doesn't have to anything with their content...but think of this blogging thing as a marathon if you want to succeed.

Final words!

Remember that you get rewarded for your opinion!
Trying to add stupid long unnecessary information copied from different sources on internet WILL NOT make your post rich or interesting. In contrary, that will be nothing else but plagiarism. That will either get you banned or just ignored.
You got to share your thoughts, no matter what you think! Even if it is wrong, it will cause others to engage with your article to tell you different! And if you remember you are here to engage with others, that's how you get known, rewarded and that's how you win the marathon.

What's you strategy? Let me know in the comments below...if that is not a top secret!


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