What would you say to your older self?

By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 23 Dec 2020

Every day I do make posts analyzing charts trying to understand and predict where things are headed and what should I do know so I can enjoy the products later!

Today, I decided to go a bit off the topic and think a little bit of the things that matter most! Ourselves!


Since we were kids we imagined ourselves in a lot of different ways!
Almost everything we do, we do for the future us. So the future us can be a better and happier person, we do invest in cryptos, stocks, we work, analyze, study go on nights without catching sleep and all this just for the future!

We saw many movies about similar topics of traveling in time, talking to your older self and so on.


Hard times make us think about good days we had, but sometimes we feel so hopeless that we can't even think of the future!


Most disturbing thing actually is that we live in the past, think for the future but we never seize the present!


But what if I tell you that actually there is a way to contact your future self? What if you could tell your future self what to do or not? What advice would you give yourself? Would you ask yourself to live in the present? Enjoy the little things that happen everyday?


FutureMe is a website that could actually help you out with that! You can write yourself letters and schedule the time that you want to receive the message! I used this feature from this website! To me it was something that made me think a lot! The letter I received was by me, but a different me, younger me! Me, who thinks differently and acts differently but Me that gave me some really good advices and a slap of reality that opened my eyes and made me look for the things I wanted to achieve but didn't yet!

As much as I'd like to share my thoughts in this topic, I'd like to know more from each and everyone in this community!



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