Edward Snowden and ATH price of BTC

By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 18 Dec 2020




We all know or at least we should have heard about the guy who leaked highly classified information. And what's even more interesting is that he claimed that the servers he used to leak these information were paid in BTC.
He also made several comments favoring BTC and cryptocurrencies while he was back in Russia.

Does he know something that others don't?
Well, possibilities are high that he does, and actually we don't have anything to say that he doesn't. But, what is very suspicious about these friendly comments is that there are information which claim that he was paid around $35k to speak at the two cryptocurrency engagements, then he was paid another $20k to speak in Berlins Blockstack and also during 2019 he was paid another $15k for his virtual presence in a Bitcoin Conference.
So my doubts here are does he really love and support cryptos or that was just a paid ad!
Especially for a guy who does what he did back in time!

As per why Bitcoin rocketed today!
People gained trust on Bitcoin and because of the inflation during Covid-19 many are using BTC as a store of value.
Many institutions gained trust into investing and using BTC for their services and last but not least the blockchain and BTCs infrastructure that has been built until now shows a very safe investing comparing to any time before now.


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