What is Quarashi Network, Qua Token? Is it going to be The Next Crypto Project?

By Quarashi Network | Quarashi Network | 18 Jun 2021

Quarashi Network is a complete suite of solutions platform focused on providing the user with full privacy and anonymity.

The core elements of the Quarashi Network ecosystem are the Quarashi Privacy/Anonymity Chat, Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange, IDO/IEO Platform. All of them are powered by the Quarashi Network Utility Token (QUA).



Quarashi Chat is the first decentralized, 100% private and anonymous chat application which doesn’t store any data whatsoever about the user. The messages one user sends to another one are end-to-end encrypted (with a military grade algorithm — in order to decrypt the messages you would need around 2 years and access to a supercomputer), and are self deleted from the server automatically 1 hour after reading.

Unlike other messaging apps which only pretend to be private, Quarashi Chat will never store your private info such as email addresses or phone numbers, contacts, and never ask you to grant access to the microphone, or the GPS location of your device.

The only information stored is your username, which is not merged or connected with your wallet.


Quarashi Chat



Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange is another feature of the Quarashi Network Platform and it is a complete multicryptocurrency and cryptoasset wallet solution which enables the users using Quarashi to safely manage, send & receive, exchange Quarashi with top 100 cryptos, and buy crypto using Visa/Mastercard secure.

Your assets are stored directly into the blockchain.

Quarashi doesn’t hold/store and will never ask you for information about any of your assets or private keys.

The Quarashi Platform is created to respect and protect human rights, so you’re in full control of your data.


Quarashi Wallet and Exchange


Quarashi IDO Launchpad

We balance fairness and need of maximizing the capital, so our users get the best IDO experience.

IDO listings prevent the issuer of the tokens from controlling how the fundraising round will go, giving fair chances to every investor. IDOs can be created for anything from cryptocurrency to a work of art or any form of digital asset.

We’re living in the age of Big Brother.

Groundbreaking technology, fast internet, the ability to easily store and retrieve data — all of this is amazing, but unfortunately we pay for it by sacrificing our right to privacy. The majority of social media platforms and messaging apps aren’t really designed to fulfill the needs of their users. Instead, their purpose is entrapping the users, stealing as much of their private data as possible, and selling all of it to the highest bidder. Because of that, privacy cannot be simply introduced as an extra feature — the entire architecture of most of the social media and chat apps is hostile to privacy on a structural level. And the users are very well aware of that — the number of users for the biggest social media platform have declined in the last two years, mainly because of their total lack of respect for the users’ privacy.

Problems of the so-Called “Privacy” Apps

The facts are clear: most of the social media platforms and messaging apps advertising themselves to be more private than the competition are not really private at all. Both for individuals and business clients, these apps provide only an illusion of privacy instead of the real thing.


Quarashi dApp


Privacy Problem of Cryptocurrency Wallets

One of the most important elements of the Quarashi Network ecosystem decides to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet and the ability to securely and privately send and receive cryptocurrency transactions. While the privacy problem of messaging apps and social media platforms is commonly known, many people don’t realize that cryptocurrency wallets face a similar degree of privacy threats. In the quest to retain anonymity, privacy and security, it is important to understand that typical crypto wallets are designed only to provide the basic functionality of sending, receiving and storing digital assets.

Privacy is at the best considered an extra feature, in the worst case scenario, it’s something that just doesn’t get addressed at all.

Almost all cryptocurrencies on the market don’t have in-built privacy, so unless the user’s wallet is privacy-focused, all transactions can be effortlessly tracked by hostile third parties.

Naturally, there is an increasing demand for privacy-oriented wallets to defend against transactions being followed by bad actors. The success of our competitors reassures that the demand for privacy-based transactions is as high as ever — though we also see clear competitive advantages that Quarashi brings to the market.

Contrary to traditional markets, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not a zero-sum game and lacks the “winner takes all” mentality. Different solutions, blockchains, exchanges and cryptocurrencies coexist together, which results in an ever-expanding, organically growing, healthy and user-oriented market. In other words, crypto is a community, and the demand for integrating private crypto transactions into a private messaging app is massive.

The Objective

To sum up, the objective of Quarashi Network is creating an ecosystem enabling sending and receiving communications and transactions in a truly private way. Most of the messaging apps and cryptocurrency wallets on the market consider privacy an extra feature. We believe that privacy is the feature to begin with.

Quarashi Chat

The first messaging app that is fully privacy oriented. Encrypted chat apps aren’t something new, but they only give you an illusion of security. Many messaging apps only provide you with end-to-end encryption (E2E). But even if an app is 100% encrypted, it doesn’t mean that it is truly anonymous and private.

Quarashi Chat is a decentralized, community-driven, 100% secure and private messaging app in the Quarashi Platform which combines traditional end-to-end encryption (E2E) with a wide array of extra features massively enhancing users’ privacy and anonymity.

Most of the chat apps on the market request you to disclose personal information such as your phone number or email address. Because of that, even though the messages might be encrypted, you are not anonymous and your real identity can be easily revealed. Quarashi is different. No phone number or email address is required. You can send and receive encrypted messages while being absolutely certain that your personal information remains private, anonymous and fully untraceable. The only thing you need to know is the username.


Quarashi chat app



Quarashi IDO/IEO Module

An initial DEX offering, or IDO, is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto ecosystem. Participating in an IDO is not always simple or transparent.

Joining the project right at the beginning is reserved for those advanced users, focused and passionate about decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

With Quarashi IDO/IEO module we will simplify that and will also offer a solution for early access investors, in a transparent and fair way for all our users. IDOs provide instant liquidity, as the tokens sold start trading on the host DEX immediately. This is a particular benefit over ICOs and IEOs, which are effectively at the mercy of centralized exchanges free to list (or not) tokens at their discretion.

Also, IDOs don’t attract the very severe fees levied on ICOs and IEOs by exchanges. Another big factor is investor fairness. In both ICOs and IEOs, the tokens being launched are pre-mined and often pre-sold, which essentially locks small investors out of the early stages of trading, when successful launches often see the greatest price gains. With Quarashi IDO Platform, we balance fairness and the need of maximizing the capital, so our users get the best IDO experience.

The Quarashi IDO module gives fair chances by using a lottery system. For every 3000 QUA you get one ticket for that IDO. You need exactly 3000 QUA for every ticket. More tickets, more chances to buy the IDO project you want.


Quarashi cryptocurrency


Quarashi Network Token

The entire Quarashi Network ecosystem is powered by a native digital asset: Quarashi Network Token (QUA).

Quarashi Network Token is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20), deflationary, fairly issued and fully transparent digital currency. QUA is a multi-functional token utilized in the Quarashi Platform : Quarashi messaging app, Quarashi cryptocurrency wallet & exchange, IDO/IEO module .

Thanks to the application of the QUA token, Quarashi Network is able to be the first 100% private and anonymous solution on the market combining the functionality of a traditional messaging app and a crypto wallet, allowing the users to send all kinds of data with total privacy — including cryptocurrency transactions.

Unlike similar applications which only promise to be private and anonymous, the Quarashi team sees privacy as the core aspect of the project.

Quarashi Network will always be a 100% secure and private messaging application, and Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet will always be a 100% secure and private cryptocurrency wallet.

Privacy shouldn’t be considered an extra feature. It should be the absolute foundation and the irrevocable core upon the rest of the project is built. Full and total dedication must be upheld to focus all of the available technology on user protection.


Quarashi All in One Platform

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Quarashi Network
Quarashi Network

Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet. The information does not constitute financial advice.

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