Quarashi Roadmap Evolution and Presale Stage

By Quarashi Network | Quarashi Network | 26 Jun 2021

Thank you for supporting Quarashi Network. Amazing stages awaits us!

We are keeping our roadmap schedule strictly, with Q3 developments almost done tough it just began. To show the team commitment, it’s tokens are locked at the moment, until January 2022.

Q1 and Q2 Quarashi developments are long completed and our objective is to complete most Q4 task before Q3 is ended.


Q3 2021

  • Testnet Beta Quarashi Wallet & Exchange dApp ERC-20 Android (done)
  • ICO Planning (done)
  • Q-Chat Development Starts
  • ICO planning
  • Presale ( starting on 1 August 2021)

Moving ahead of our roadmap will empower development of new features for our platform we envision as a daily use platform for cryptocurrencies investors.

Q4 2021

  • Mainnet Beta Quarashi Wallet & Exchange dApp Android
  • Quarashi Mainnet Platform Launch Playstore Android

Token Allocation for Presale will consist in 2.8%, representing 28000000 QUA with 1 Qua = 0.018 USD


QUA Tokens supports any ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet like:

  • Quarashi (mobile app)
  • Trust Wallet (mobile app)
  • My Ethereum Wallet (browser,mobile app)
  • Metamask (browser plugin,mobile app)
  • Coinomi (desktop,mobile app)


The max supply of Quarashi Network is 1B tokens, and no tokens can be added.

In the spirit of transparency following the next 2 days a more detailed tokenomics will be available. The token allocation for main sections will remain the same, but we will update subsections  allocations. Token allocation for Sale stages will also be detailed as we see increased interest and demand for the early sale stages.

We see an objective in long – term value creation and in widening Quarashi Network Ecosystem, along with alining our interest with the interest of early investors and partners.

Now we start to build the Quarashi community in preparation for the next growth stages.

For more information, please visit us:





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Quarashi Network
Quarashi Network

Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet. The information does not constitute financial advice.

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