Quarashi Network Monthly Report

Quarashi Network July 2021 Monthly Report

By Quarashi Network | Quarashi Network | 28 Jul 2021

Although it has not been a month since our latest report, our constant development makes us want that our community caches up with all updates, which are not few. These updates are major for the Quarashi Network expansion.

Starting with the visible ones, which have impact on the transparency of the project in our community.

We added the presale token progressive bar on Quarashi website’s home page, so that you be able to see in real time the quantity of sold tokens during Presale. This bar will also be available in the next stages of sale.


We added a second tokenomics destined to create a general view on what the presale will be invested in. All funds gathered in the presale will be reinvested for expansion of Quarashi. On a general view you’ll see marketing and development, but these two major categories in the second tokenomics are extremely complex and include many numerous micro tasks, developments, departments growth, campaigns, security, keeping roadmap deadlines and so on.


The ICO Sales Module with no third party integration has been finalized. We will keep the next stages of our sales “in house” as we find important quick response times to our community. We aim for a flawless sale process and administration as our standards for managing operations can be quite high in comparison to a third party.


On the development side Module 1 is available on Google Play – Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet. Once you install it you will see tabs with previews for the next Modules of the Quarashi Network All in One Platform, that is the Chat App, the Exchange and the next ones according to our Roadmap. As this modules are released you will be able to access them all in one place and to have a seemingly cryptocurrency market experience every day. The Quarashi Wallet will be more and more useful to you with the release of the next modules. It’s interconnected with all of them and it represents the foundation for the next modules and developments.

Mention of the current version: Fixed mini bug issues in Quarashi APP v


A major progress that is less visible to you right now, but non the less important is the development off the Chat App which is already in tests.

Progress of the Quarashi Chat App:

  • Finalized Development Websocket for Module 3 Quarashi Chat
  • Implemented Listener for Quarashi Token in Quarashi Chat
  • Finalized Development DB for Module 3 Quarashi Chat
  • Testing Module 3 Quarashi Chat
  • Quarashi DB Setup with Websocket


The Quarashi community has been able to grow well this last weeks, with 15000+ followers on Twitter.

For the following next weeks the clock will be faster for us and Quarashi will be focusing on our Presale stage which is set for 1 August 2021.

For more information, please visit us:





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Quarashi Network
Quarashi Network

Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet. The information does not constitute financial advice.

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