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By Thingsyousee | Quarantine in Sweden | 30 Aug 2020

New Zealand has been hailed for its fight against covid-19. When the virus spread around the world, the country reacted immediately.
In March, the country's government decided to close the borders so that the spread of the virus would be stopped.
New Zealand's decision has been hailed by the WHO. The WHO has also called on other countries to follow suit and act in the same way.
WHO professor David Nabarro now says that
New Zealand's action - to close one day and open the next - does not work as a long-term strategy, lockdowns and other types of closures where one is not allowed to move hit hard on people's livelihoods, especially on the poor. Covid harms the poor all over the world, says Nabarro.
His advice is to look at the strategist Sweden has chosen to apply.
The goal is to be able to live with the virus without shutting it down. The public must fight this virus by making people responsible for their own behavior. It is necessary to create mutual trust between the government and the people, at the same time as there must be a political debate.
At the same time, he states that Sweden has also had and still has problems - especially in elderly care.


Stay home if you have the slightest symptoms that may be signs of covid-19


Thankyou for taking the time!


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Quarantine in Sweden
Quarantine in Sweden

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