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US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule for allowing Small Drones over people at Night

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 24 Apr 2021

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule for allowing Small Drones over people at Night

A little noticed rule passed in Dec. '20 by the FAA, allows small drones to be flown over people at night. I know I missed this rule; did you?

The rule is intended to allow wide spread adoption of commercial drones (think in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAEs), the key is a requirement for identification.  That will be handled by a RIT (aka Remoted Identification Technology or Remote ID) which will allow id from the ground.  The FAA is allowing drone manufactures 18-months to add in the Remote ID.  Then the operators have 18-months to turn in their Remote ID to the FAA

Recall the US has a requirement that all drones be registered with the FAA so they can be tracked and approached in the need for questioning. An example would be in the event their drone was flying near an airport or secure facility, the FAA would know who to speak with.


What are great application for Blockchain, the sale of a drone from retail outlet gets recorded to consumer, consumer uses for 12 months then sells to his buddy.  All those items are recorded and tamper resistant

Why the rule change?  Recall previously UAE's were limited over people unless associated with an operation (lost hiker or something along those lines), the new rule allows more flexibility perhaps for crowd control or monitoring large gatherings.

Summary - Drones (UAE's) will play a larger role in our future, I can envision wide-spread delivery use cases and countless others. Be ready for congested sky views!

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