SCIFI Future - Drone Deliveries
Drone Delivery

SCIFI Future - Drone Deliveries

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 10 Oct 2020

SCIFI Future - Drone Deliveries


It was just seven short years ago that Amazon head Jeff Bezos spoke about Drone deliveries during a 60-minutes interview. In the USA, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) oversees all Drone registrations and approvals and specific airspace. The FAA has allocated airspace for Business Drones between 200 feet to 400 feet.  In August of this year the FAA cleared Amazons Fleet of Prime Air Drones for liftoff, not sure when Amazon will start utilizing this license.  Have you registered your personal drone with the FAA? The fee is $15 and the link is here


The big players are jockeying for positions, UPS, FedEx, Walmart, Amazon


UPS partnered w/ CVS for last mile deliveries -

FedEx -

FedEx partnered w/ Walgreens and Wing -

Walmart -

Amazon -


Some things to consider. Where would you have drones land for your deliveries?  If you live in a dense population area how would those be handled? Think combating porch piracy on a large scale.


Use Cases
Medical Delivery - as you can clearly see the big players have joined with Pharmacy for local deliveries.

Last Mile delivery - mail, perhaps food?


Enjoy the Journey!


Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

Working in Enterprise IT for 28+ years, I also enjoy blogging for work, currently learning about Crypto's and DeFi to combat the Inflationary Tidal wave coming our way!

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