What is the safe haven in case a trade war really does happen?

By qsyal | qsyal | 11 Aug 2020

If you are following news then you are definitely aware of the last drama between USA and China (it might be somewhat similar to the drama between Steemit & Hive LOL 😂)
However, the story here is more serious and dangerous. In fact, it literally threatens the entire world.

As many know, Since Trump took office, USA and China have entered into a kind of trade war.

The two countries are trying to hurt each other economically by various means, most recently what Trump has done by banning TikTok and WeChat (Chinese apps )
It is not the first time. He previously attacked HUAWEI and banned it from dealing with American companies.
China also responds with similar hostile measures...

Some experts argue that what is happening is a prelude to a new cold war that may enter the global economy into the death phase.

Another thing that experts warn of and expect that will cause the global economy to die is what the Covid-19 pandemic has left behind...
Many companies are about to go bankrupt, millions of people have lost their jobs, and unemployment has risen to insane levels


There are some unpleasant questions that refuse to leave my mind...
Are we on the brink of a stock crash? a cold war? an economic death?

Of course, we shouldn't panic or get pessimistic. However, being careful and cautious is always the best way to go.
We are all small fishes, and we must seek a way to protect our hard-earned funds.
All that imposes us to encounter the eternal question
What is the "safe haven"?
Dollar, Gold or Bitcoin

Well, In this post, I'd like to express my humble opinion...


First of all, let me take the US dollar out of the debate.
I think the image below will be more telling than what I would say...


Yes, the US dollar has a horrific history of devaluing over the years, and the simple reason for that is the high inflation rate!
And what makes it worse is that the US government has printed enormous quantities of fiat dollars during this pandemic to help economy to stay up
Some news revealed that In only June, more money was printed by the US than the last two centuries!!
While this might help to to keep things afloat. However, How long will that last??
It's a horrible growing fiat inflation !
Let me quote what Dan Morehead (CEO Pantera Capital) has said:

"Stay long crypto until schools/daycare open. Until then the economy won't function and money will be continuously printed."

While I don't mind to keep a part of my money in fiat dollar in the short term. However, I would never describe it as a "safe haven" ! And I think many would agree with me at that particular point.

Well , Gold might seem as a great option that the government can't create and devalue. However, what people won't tell you that Gold actually lost more than 30% of its value during 2008 economic crisis. And believe me, If inflation really get out of the control, then nothing will stop the government from seizing your Gold, that exactly what happened after the Great Depression in 1929 .
Despite that though, I see it is a wise decision to have a bit of Gold stored in your home .



What about Bitcoin?




Alright, I must say, I'm an unashamed crypto guy, so I will NOT be shy to speak loudly about Bitcoin as the best safe asset haven out there, at least in my book.
If you ask me, I see Bitcoin as a phenomenal store of value
Always Remember these four things:

  • There is only 21 million coins of Bitcoin will ever mine.
  • 20% or more of these coins has been lost due people losing access to their keys.
  • Bitcoin just went through a Halving event that dropped the inflation rate by half.
  • There is an amazing growing awareness among people about Bitcoin and other crypto.

I think it's safe to say that Bitcoin already have all hallmarks to thrive in the foreseeable future...
Who knows? Perhaps the drama between the United States and China, the general lockdown, and the recent decline in the value of the dollar will act as an amazing opportunity for Bitcoin to shine. Or, at least, I think so...

That was my subjective view. How about you my friends?
What do you think the future will hold for Bitcoin and the wider crypto space?
Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
I'm really keen to know your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.



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