Reborn 3 ...New features are worth the experience

Reborn 3 ...New features are worth the experience

By qsyal | qsyal | 28 Apr 2019

Opera is one of the oldest and leading companies in the field of internet browsing.

Although Chrome and Firefox dominate this sector, Opera still has loyal followers and seeks to increase them by offering its best lead the world of  browsing.

Personally, I open Opera browser from time to time to enjoy some features not found in Chrome such as free VPN...

As usual, Opera continues to arouse my interest  in new versions...


This time ,Opera released version 60 of the desktop browser, which code-named "Reborn 3" .

It comes with many features including a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, a free VPN with unlimited access and a blockchain application section !


Among the major innovations is the support of the decentralized standard of the Internet 3 and the embedded encryption network.!


You can view and install applications built on blockchain, and make payments using cryptocurrencies without leaving your browser. Wallet syncs with Opera app for Android.


Another interesting feature in Opera Desktop Browser now  is that there is a free VPN without restrictions for traffic. The company claims that it does not reserve any user actions.

Among other things, the program features a built-in advertising Blocker, a new borderless design with light and dark themes, currency converter, the ability to send links to other devices, and a host of useful interface settings.


Some of these innovations already exist in Opera for Android. For example, VPN appeared in the mobile application in March of this year...




What browser do you usually use ?

Do you think that there are other browsers not famous worthy of taking the place of Chrome and Firefox in this area?

Very intersted in reading comments...



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