New study reveals declining interest in Facebook...

By qsyal | qsyal | 2 Jun 2019



Facebook is the world's first social networking site with an active user population of 2.38 billion active users per month, but lately, Facebook has been facing very big challenges...

In a new survey of market research firm "eMarketer" , the rate of time spent by adults in the US on the Facebook social networking platform has decreased compared to previous years.


The study shows that the maximum time spent on Facebook dropped from 41 minutes a day in 2017 to 38 minutes a day only, but that does not seem to have an immediate or serious impact on the platform, as the rest of Facebook products have been a great success ,for example, Instagram increased the daily spend rate to 26 minutes in 2018 compared to only 22 minutes in 2016.


If it comes to me, I think that with more efficient social networks than Facebook like steemit and and publish0x , I am ready to give up Facebook at any moment . Rather, I think it is time for people to abandon the centralized sites and instead go to sites based on the Blockchain.

The only reason why I am still using Facebook is that my friends and family still use it...




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