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Bitpanda introduces fractional stocks to their diverse portfolio of offerings

By Qryqtx | The ecosystem of Q | 3 May 2021

Admittedly, this post is a little late to the party and was planned for an earlier release. With the constant overflow of crypto-related information however it was neglected a bit - also in light of the recent introduction of $FORTH, the Ampleforth Governance Token, which received a lot of attention and subsequently took the spotlight for some time. Nevertheless, I've had a Bitpanda account since I first started out with crypto and while there's different opinions about the services offered by the company there's no doubt that when it comes to European-based crypto companies, Bitpanda is a powerhouse with a large portfolio of offerings.

That I'm a Bitpanda customer doesn't necessarily mean I'm particularly active - I've transferred some Bitcoin there once before it took off value-wise and made a few minor crypto purchases to be used for specific purposes outside the platform. The reason for bringing this up is that having been a somewhat active customer in the past meant that I was able to participate in the early beginners' quiz on the platform which offered a €5 reward in $BEST at the time. The Bitpanda Ecosystem Token is primarily used to cover transaction fees on the native platform. Needless to say it's worth much more today as according to my portfolio balance it's currently valued at just under €140 - an increase of over 25x since then.

This leads to the main point of the post. As if $BEST wasn't enough, Bitpanda recently introduced fractional stocks to their seemingly evergrowing portfolio of services. Fractional stocks is basically the ownership of less than a whole share of a given company which means that an investor may invest in dollar amounts rather than purchasing a whole stock - thus a fraction of a share. As part of this introduction, existing customers has been sent a couple of notices about eligibility to receive a randomly-chosen asset, courtesy of Bitpanda, with a value in between €5 and €200 at the time of issuing. In order to actually receive the fraction of a stock at all one would however need to login to the platform. If you're a qualified customer, meaning you would have made a fiat deposit at some point apart from accepting T&Cs, check your Bitpanda account - you may have something waiting for you.

Obviously I was hoping for the jackpot although, being pessimistic, I was expecting a very minimal amount of customers to actually receive the highest tier. I did however receive €5 worth of a fractional Uber share and from the looks of participating stocks that were highlighted in communications, then I could have ended up with stocks from companies that I consider much less capable of providing increasing returns in the future. Bitpanda does not limit the offer to existing customer only though. The company extends this offer to new customers as well - plus they'll be eligible to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance as an additional incentive to become a new customer. You should however do your own research before rushing into anything and Bitpanda does enforce KYC restrictions which must be completed beforehand in addition to completing a fiat transfer and accepting T&Cs as outlined in the associated tweet.

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