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death into life ( a poem to my best friend who passed from cancer0

By qiball | QI-BALL POETRY | 16 Jan 2020

 You were here for so many years,

You were by my side through blood sweat and tears,

We had many a chance to be best of friends and play,

But now my friend you've disappeared and gone away,

And all my emotions have gone astray,

I led you through that valley of death,

Right up until your last breath,

Its bringing me into so much stress,

Except that I know you've been brought from death to life,

I hope this helps me deal with the strife,

Because if it doesn't I might say goodbye tonight,

And join you in victory that the world considers plight.

Because I know your soul now rises,

You will have no more horrible suprises,

All you'll see is the Lords comforts,

And all I can do to myself is mumble,

Man I'm so glad your out of pain,

I am glad your soul is risen to life again.

  by:William Swarner

Dedicated to Anthony Ricciotti my best friend in life

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I am a musician,medical massage therapist, and carpet cleaner and house cleaner right now. I am differently-abled and cannot work that much as I have many different underlying health conditions.My artistic name is QI-BALL I use this name as a poet&artist


This blog will contain poetry that may one day be turned into or adjusted by me to make song lyrics. Then again it may just stay as poetry. LMAO.

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