What is S.E.O and meta tags | How can i affect your site appereance in search engines [Ultimate Guide]

By Mr. Smart | Py Tech | 6 Jun 2021

What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimation which is the way to optimize the search presence of your site. In simple terms, it is a way to optimize the site so that it appears better in search engines increasing the amount of organic traffic to your site.   Before going into the depth of SEO, let's get onto understanding some terms of SEO:

  1. Organic Traffic: It refers to the traffic or users you receive from an 'organic' way i.e 'unpaid' or 'non-direct or you could say traffic from another source like social-medias and search results and you don't pay up for the traffic you receive.
  2. Quality Content: Have you ever read any articles or blogs that don't have the required info? For most of us, the answer is 'No'. Who would like to read or engage in something which is not giving him the true information that he/she wants? Quality content refers to the content you provide to your users which are actually 'informative' or 'useful' to them and helps the site to attract more users like if a user founds valuable content on your site he would share it with others and the other one will share it to another person and will go on. And most of the search engines only rank the sites with quality content. A site without quality content is like having a crypto wallet without any crypto in it.
  3. User Interface: Have you ever visited a site that doesn't have a good UI? Yeah, most of them did but how many have actually engaged in the site for a long time? Maybe some users find quality content on the site regardless of the UI. Let's take an example, assume that you have posted an article somewhere on your site and have good information and attracted many users but you don't have a good UI and assume 60% of users left the site due to its design and 40% users found it useful and read the article and you got revenue of 1$ from ads, which is a good amount but if your site was having a good design you could have attracted 100% of the users to engage on it and you could have got 2.5$ revenue from ads. I hope you understood why having a good User Interface is a necessary step towards attracting users.

What are 'meta' tags and how they work with SEO?


Everyone uses search engines like Google to gather information but have you ever thought that how these search engines get the content you searched for? The answer is very simple, search engines have spiders, not the living spiders they have web spiders or you could say automated bots that crawl each site and get the contents and analyses them, and provides the matching content. But what do meta tags do here? Here comes the main part, meta tags contains each and every detail of the content(post) like title, description, and thumbnail images through which the crawler or the web spider gets the required content. Below is the image of how the description of the post and title are shown on Google and other search engines.

In the above image, the title of wikipedia.org is shown as a heading from the meta tags, and the description is also obtained from the meta tags. There are several types of data stored in meta tags some of which are already listed above.

How to learn SEO?

If you are a beginner and want to learn SEO I would suggest you follow the guide for beginners provided by moz.com.   Click here to access it.  

Why should you do proper SEO?


As said above SEO helps the search engines to easily get your site and its content to show on searches by other users. Hence you would have more impressions on searches which will help you to get traffic. Also if you are working on a site that is meant for monetization i.e blogs you could generate more revenue.   Thanks for reading this article. I hope that you have got some knowledge from my post.   I

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