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By Mr. Smart | Py Tech | 26 Apr 2021

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Mr Blogger is a under development script that can be used to make your own blog . As Wordpress this is also a blogging framework which will be available open source so that everyone wishing to run his own blog can use this script for absolutely no charge. This post contains all information about the script so that users can know about this script and can utilize it.

[Note: This script is made with python programming using it's flask module hence your hosting must support python in order to run this upcomming script. Also this is a new script which may contain bugs so i am not responsible for any type of harm to your files. Use this at your own risk.] 


Why choose Mr Blogger script?

They are many reason for using this but it depends on the user if he wants to use or not are there are many powerful and highly seure scripts available online .


  • The admin login panel is encrypted and its url chages every 1 hour i.e if now the admin url is after 1 hour it will become and this new admin panel will be mailed to the owners email address. Making the admin panel secure from being acessed by any non-admin.
  • Password validation is made secure using  bcrypt module and flask werkzeug security .



  • Easy one click installation.
  • User friendly admin panel and ui.
  • A powerful rich text editor for editing and adding new post(TinyMce)
  • Open Source.
  • Multi Author compatibilty
  • Less usage of resources . It can even run smoothly in a server of 512 mb ram.
  • Static files i.e css , js and others are not loaded from the local server but from a external server hence making the site faster.
  • Mobile responsive.


  • It is still under development.
  • It may contain bugs.
  • It doesn't have much plugins but several plugins will be added eventually.
  • If there are some bugs you files may be losted (i am not responsible for this).



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