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I'm not sure if this site exists just to annoy people; but, it is pretty annoying to see these kind of things. I can confirm that you can get a payout almost immediately from this site; but it will cost you slightly more to move it from your receiving address than it is worth. I suppose you could upset a custodial account by sending it there but it is dust. 

The site only allows you to pay out 0.0006 LTC once a day (although you "earn" faster than that). But if you can't withdraw it, you don't have it. So, this site is looking pretty bad on principles. It looks like they try to entice you into buying an upgrade (minimum investment of 0.25 LTC) to get more earnings which are supposedly backed up by cloud mining; but, I'm skeptical. 

Their free engine seems to give out 0.0006 LTC a day. I did get my payouts and they were instantaneous; but the value is so low that it is functionally dust and I suspect it will always be dust on LTC's chain. They do make a lot of dust out of good coins there.

Kind of sad looking scam. I'm not testing out their 1.1 bot for 0.25 LTC and I reckon caveat emptor to anyone who elects such.

They will actually send you 0.0006 LTC after only a few minutes. Maybe someday that will be worth something; but right now, it is dust due to fees on Litecoin's chain.

Please don't send them any of your coins.

Also, of note, you can not use the coins you are awarded by the site operators to purchase their upgrades as they state in their FAQ. That detail is important as the site guarantees you'll never make a penny without investing in the scam.

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