When people prefer disease over treatment*

By Rehjun | Puzzled Thoughts | 14 Dec 2021

Well this might be on of its kind of a situation where at one side Government, Globalists, Tech Giants, MSM (media) and pharmaceutical are trying hard to spread the news that there is a deadly pandemic..

While on the other side people are showing that they are not buying it anymore.. 

Dutch Man Arrested for Trying to Sell Live Covid-19 Virus for Self-Infection

Here it's clear that people are willing to embrace disease and self infect rather getting the treatment* they are offered..

Similarly in November 2021 the rise of number of case in German cities saw a serge, as the Govt use the tactics to force people to get the treatment* and testing facilities were made paid for untreated population.. Well

"Necessity is the mother of invention" 

People started having Corona parties and start to gather with the person tested positive, so they get recovered /geniessen certificate and avoid the treatment. 

Today in Germany - a Santa Claus was arrested for not wearing a Mask 🎅

On Top of mindless measures putting in place there is no one else, Australia is still on 1st position. 

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