How to Invest in Bitcoin, complete guide to start from scratch

By PupazzoInnevato | Pupazzo Tricks | 15 Feb 2020

More and more people want to invest in Bitcoin: bitcoin is the new frontier of investments, the currency of the future destined to change forever the way we send value to buy goods and services.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a very innovative network for paying and a whole new type of money. It can be used to make transfers all over the world through transactions on the network, with management costs so low that they are negligible. But this is not enough: now bitcoin is a very high yield investment, within everyone's reach.

In this article we explain in detail why investing in Bitcoin is better and above all how to do it: in order to obtain high profits, in fact, you need to have a minimum of preparation on the best strategies and you must use the best tools.

To give an example, it is very different to invest in Bitcoin using eToro (click here to sign up for free) which is one of the best platforms for Bitcoin in Europe or using an unknown, perhaps unauthorized platform ...

eToro represents a great opportunity to invest in Bitcoin without any cheating as it allows you to automatically copy the best investors.

Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer technology system to operate without the control of any central authority or bank. All transactions, as well as the issue of the currency, are managed through the network. There are no fathers or masters. Bitcoin is completely open source, its design is public, nobody owns Bitcoin, and anyone can join the project. With its incredible properties, it allows you to take advantage of this service in ways never thought of before.

In this article we are not so much concerned with the technical characteristics of Bitcoin as with the possibility of obtaining high profits by investing, in the right way, with Bitcoin.


How to invest in Bitcoin

This article explains in detail how Bitcoin technology works and how it is used. These are important concepts but, if we think about it, they are not indispensable. The focal point is to understand how to invest in Bitcoin and earn.

One of the most intuitive methods of investing in Bitcoin would be to buy Bitcoins and wait for the price to rise and then resell them.

This is actually the most intuitive approach, but unfortunately it is the worst of all. The problems are many:

  • The price of Bitcoin does not always go up: there are periods when the prices of cryptocurrencies drop a lot and the goal of the good investor in Bitcoin should always be to earn, even when the prices go down
  • Exchanges are typically used to buy Bitcoins, which are often the scene of scams and scams against customers. The number of scams is so high that there are many investors who eventually convinced themselves that Bitcoin is a scam (and we know it is not).


Invest in Bitcoin with contracts for difference

Is there any way to overcome these problems and invest in Bitcoin without the risk of scams? Is it possible to earn both when the price of Bitcoin goes up and when it goes down?

The answer is yes, we can invest in Bitcoin by overcoming these two serious problems, thanks to a financial instrument called the Contract for Difference.

Why is it cheaper to use a CFD to invest in Bitcoin than to buy Bitcoin directly? CFDs are financial contracts that are particularly simple to understand and use. The value of a CFD always depends on that of another financial security: in the case of Bitcoin, the CFD always takes on the value of Bitcoin.

The platforms to invest in CFDs allow you to perform two basic operations:

  • Buying CFD on Bitcoin: in this case you get a profit when the price goes up
  • Sell ​​the CFD on Bitcoin in the open: in this case you get a profit when the price of Bitcoin drops. Please note: this is a purely speculative operation, it is not necessary to have bought Bitcoins before selling them in the open.

The platforms to invest with CFDs solve the first problem that we have listed very well and that is, they offer the opportunity to earn both when the price of Bitcoin goes up and when it goes down.

However, these platforms also solve the other problem (that of scams) because they are strictly safe and reliable (zero guaranteed scams). Why are these platforms so secure? Because these are authorized and regulated platforms that operate under the supervision of the competent European authorities. These platforms have existed since before Bitcoin and offer the opportunity to invest in many financial securities (stocks, currencies, commodities, government bonds). Cryptocurrencies were added precisely to meet the needs of investors who wanted to operate safely also in this innovative market.

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