Nuklai Launches Bitcoin Price Prediction Contest Leveraging Smart Data


On its mission to unlock new levels of crypto market insights leveraging its on-chain smart data technology, Nuklai has recently unveiled its latest collaborative research project: The Bitcoin Price Research Dataset. 

This initiative leverages Nuklai's collaborative, blockchain-based Smart Data enhancement technology to delve into the Web3 market insights, presenting a balanced opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and data scientists alike.

The user who predicts the price of Bitcoin at the next halving event most accurately will win an entire Bitcoin (1 BTC). 

This competition is a testament to the confidence in their SmartData technology and a unique chance for participants to contribute to a Nuklai’s consistent enhancement of our understanding of crypto market data.


About the Bitcoin Price Research Dataset

The Bitcoin Price Research Dataset is designed to aggregate and analyse price predictions from a diverse crowd, aiming to gauge the accuracy of these forecasts against the backdrop of market sentiment. This approach seeks to uncover patterns and insights that could help our understanding of market dynamics in the blockchain space.


How to Participate

Participants are invited to submit their Bitcoin price predictions by visiting To ensure a comprehensive dataset, Nuklai requires submissions on five separate days, allowing participants the flexibility to choose their days without the need for consecutive submissions.


Reward for Accuracy - 1 Bitcoin

The stakes are high, as the participant with the closest prediction to the actual Bitcoin price at the halving will be rewarded with 1 BTC. This lucrative incentive is poised to attract a wide array of participants, from seasoned traders to casual observers, all eager to test their market prediction prowess.


Contributors' Stake in Success

In a move that underscores Nuklai's commitment to its community, the company has announced that should the Bitcoin Price Research Dataset be sold, contributors will receive a share of the revenue. This initiative not only incentivises participation but also aligns the interests of Nuklai and its community towards the collective success of the project.


A Step Forward for Blockchain Research

The Bitcoin Price Research Dataset represents a quest for a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency markets. Through the community's collective intelligence and the cutting-edge capabilities of Nuklai's SmartData technology, the aim is to shed light on the intricacies of market sentiment and prediction accuracy.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking project. Submit your predictions, contribute to the research, and possibly walk away with 1 BTC. Click on the link below to join the competition.


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