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Uncovering the Ultimate Convergence of Real World Applications and NFT Innovation


Emerging at the frontiers of blockchain innovation, Meta Lion Circle (MLC) is a pioneering initiative that may change our lives tremendously. As one of the most sustainable blockchain projects, MLC is the first CO2 emissions-negative NFT project testified by UNFCCC. 


Introducing Meta Lion Circle

Overall, the cutting-edge ecosystem of the Meta Lion Circle introduces 9,999 unique 3D 4K NFTs on Ethereum. They are divided into three groups of 3,333 units and have a consistent plot. Encouraging and streamlining the process of obtaining certified compensation credits (CO2CNFT) by providing different incentives to members who use this method. 

Investing in Meta Lion Circle denotes involvement in a ground-breaking enterprise that will serve as a paradigm for future significant NFT projects that have the potential to impact our lives significantly.


Putting the Community Above Anything Else

As an inclusive initiative that seeks to benefit all of the participants in this project, one of the core tenets of the MLC project is represented by their community. Furthermore, the founders consider that NFT holders are investors, not customers. The project is also working on a four-layered community structure: The App, The Discord, The Forum, and FMNFTS (Full Managed NFT Service).

Moving forward, they reward investors, specifying that they “work with and for them”. Demonstrating their commitment to putting the community above anything else, no profits will go to the developers, seed investors, or team. Instead, 100% of secondary sales royalties go to the community!

This project is based on solid and real-world foundations and was brought to life by a very knowledgeable, talented, and experienced team that worked in conjunction with professional and rock-solid partners to bring the project to fruition. In all instances, every participant contributes their fullest possible effort to the long-term development, expansion, and diversification of their enterprise to provide dependable sources of revenue and steadily increase the value of their NFTs.


Converging Technology with Saving the World

Meta Lion Circle has a higher mission than most existing NFT projects, as they are completely devoted to the causes of climate action, environmental conservation, animal protection, local jobs, and renewable energy development. For that reason they were selected among 10 winners of the Sustainable NFT Awards 2022. The prize was established and conducted by Futuratives, a group of enthusiastic people united for building a preferable future.

In all pursuits, implementing a concrete plan of action to address climate change is an essential part of this project, doing much more than just compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide their operations produce. Since the 23rd of February 2022, Meta Lion Circle has acquired UNFCCC certification. With the aid of their partner, ImpactScope, they seek to certify this natural game reserve as an offsetting project. As soon as their self-generated CO2 credits are validated, MLC will distribute the revenues back to the NFT holders who purchased them.

Moreover, the historical carbon footprint calculator that Meta Lion Circle provides is the most accurate carbon footprint calculator currently available for ETH wallet addresses, so those who use it may understand how their investment choices impact the external environment.

After each launch, the profits will go out to certified non-profits. In the aftermath of the first launch, the donations for PTSD treatment will go to the Luxembourg-based non-profit organization for veterans (A.A.C.S.P.L.).

Ultimately, Meta Lion Circle aims for the whole world to acknowledge that something must be done to mitigate the enormously destructive effect that carbon emissions have on the environment, and they want to show the industry how to go about doing so in the hopes of motivating many others to follow in their footsteps. In addition, they present a ranking of the best NFT projects based on the amount of CO2 emissions caused by their smart contracts.


Join the Ecosystem of Meta Lion Circle

Currently, an all-in-one toolset for NFT, a launchpad for artists, and a trademark application for the CO2CNFT have been added to the Full Managed NFT Service now in Beta and pre-seed financing. 

Learn more about Meta Lion Circle by accessing their digital channels:



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