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NFTcraft Overview: The NFT Game With Sustainable Business-Model

There are so many different games with NFT besides Axie. You can choose any gameplay to join the NFT economy: strategies, RPGs, arcades, simulators, and so on.

But let's dig deeper. What is exactly behind all these types of games launched on blockchain? On what do you pay attention a bit further after you see beautiful pictures and promises from the project team?

The answer is a business model. The business model represents how users will earn from the game. The blockchain game can be profitable and popular if only it is based on a sustainable business model.

Do you know the second-largest cryptocurrency by the capitalization ETH? I think you hear about it or even have it in your investment portfolio.

Galaxy Hype

One GameFi project magnetized me because its business model is based on ETH growth. NFTcraft offers you to play for dwarf and collect in-game tokens RAD until ETH reaches $10 000. Dwarves can be upgraded to increase the value and efficiency of RAD extraction. Rewards distribution is subject to the player’s share in total mined RAD. NFTcraft also impressed me by its fast-evolving development and pretty galaxy dwarves setting.

Launched this autumn NFTcraft already has a working MVP. The demo version with free in-game balances is available on the official site on Polygon blockchain. Quests mode was added recently where you can earn a trophy rare NFT and immediately resell it within the in-game marketplace. The project team also has an early 3D desktop version running on Unity game engine. The mobile version for Android and IOS will be done soon.

A Few Words About The Metaverse

The market is full of promising GameFi projects with various fantasy settings. But what game will stay alive after several years on the volatile crypto market? Only a sustainable and balanced in-game economy will survive and still bring positive emotions and income on rainy days. Guys from the NFTcraft team are developing full-fledged galaxy dwarves setting in the three-dimension game with virtual lands and NFT constructor. Their NFTs will likely grow in price since all of them are fully backed by Ethereum fund. This fund is financed from NFT sales – 90% from each NFT sale and 2$ from each resale go to the Ethereum fund.

Hundreds of NFT dwarves have been sold on the NFTcraft platform already but there is still a good time for investment NFT opportunity and for participating in the demo game. All dwarves purchased for real money will be transferred in each next version.

Welcome to the galaxy dwarves metaverse. Try in-game economy, different upgrading strategies, and get the world by the tail in regular events.

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