Alaya AI Launches on OPBNB: Blockchain Data Surpasses 10,000 Users with Nearly 100,000 Interactions!


Recently, Alaya AI has achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of OPBNB, a platform highly anticipated by the community. Since its launch, OPBNB has amassed over 10,000 users and nearly 100,000 interactions, providing users with an unparalleled blockchain experience.

OPBNB is a novel blockchain platform designed to enhance user experience and foster social interaction. It aims to create an open and inclusive community, offering users intelligent and efficient services. Through the guidance of Alaya AI, OPBNB will provide users with diverse functionalities and services spanning social, financial, and entertainment domains, enriching users' lives.

The Alaya AI Team expressed their excitement about the successful launch of OPBNB, highlighting significant progress in building a vibrant and innovative blockchain community. They are committed to leveraging Alaya AI's advanced technology to create a secure and convenient platform for communication and interaction.

As OPBNB continues to evolve and expand, Alaya AI will increase investment efforts to continuously optimize platform functionalities and user experience, providing users with even better services. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with more partners and public chains to witness the growth and success of Alaya AI, collectively shaping a brighter future for the blockchain community!


About Alaya AI

Alaya AI is a distributed artificial intelligence data collection and labeling platform with intelligent optimization, targeted sampling, custom preprocessing, and outstanding privacy protection features. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, we aim to create a secure and convenient blockchain ecosystem, driving the development and application of blockchain technology.


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