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✅ In literal translation, Bitcoin Faucet means Bitcoin Faucet and this can exemplify well how it works and what its purpose is. Faucets “drip” Bitcoins from time to time for users of the website or app, always for free.

✅ Quite simply, these taps are websites or online applications that function as a reward system for users who take an action required by the website. Most of the time, this action is to complete a captcha.

TrocaIn exchange for completing the action requested by the faucet, users receive a fraction of the cryptocurrency

I will leave here in my point of view some points, positive and negative about the faucets, remembering that it depends a lot on the point of view of each one, on how to start in the world of cryptocurrencies

I particularly use some faucets and I have used them more often, but I always knew that you don’t earn a lot, and I always used and use them today to accumulate a small amount and make a trader or even invest

1 point: POSSIBLE: they are free and you just complete some tasks to start earning your first fractions

2 point: POSSITIVE: just like btc, several new crypts in the beginning offer through faucets, still with very low value, but who can guarantee that they did not appreciate?
the first btc faucets for example gave 5 btc per subscriber

3 point: NEGATIVE: in my opinion, if this is not the only one, it is the most relevant, everyone knows that most of these faucets pay very little, with some even knowing that you can earn high values, counting on luck, more we know it's very rare

efim i will leave in the description some faucet links that i still use if it is of interest create your register and start with your first fractions


✅free btc: the oldest of all
✅free bnb: https: // Ref = 13082
Ucfaucet crypto is paying well: https: //
24crex24 faucets within the very top exchenge
✅kmushicoin faucet token listed on crex24

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