Airdrop Soon? Metamask Competitor Rabby Wallet Introduces Points System - Qualify NOW!

By Publish0x PRs | Publish0x Offers | 25 Jan 2024


Rabby, an wallet from DeBank for all Ethereum EVM chains including Optimism, has introduced the points system for using their wallet. You can download and use Rabby Wallet to receive OP, ETH, and USDC tokens sent over Optimism Network!

Speculation is that these points will determine the amount of tokens users will get if and when Rabby introduces it's own token. It never hurts to be prepared, start farming points early, and profit bigly once, hopefully, an Rabby airdrop is announced!


Get Ready for a Potential Rabby Wallet Airdrop >START HERE<


How to Claim Potential Airdrop Points from Rabby Wallet?


To get started farming points from Rabby wallet, first install Rabby wallet from hereAfter this, press the Rabby Points button and claim your initial points!

*Note that you will need to sing a transaction that uses no gas, in order to prove ownership of your address.

  • Every EVM wallet gets points based on the wallet balance at snapshot date.
  • Switched from Metamask to Rabby? Extra points unlocked (up to 12k points if you've used MetaMask Swap in the last year!)
  • Used Rabby before? You've got extra bonus points!

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Use the code PUB0X when prompted to get extra points!

Farm Additional Daily Rewards, always within reach!

  • Refer new users to Rabby for maximum points
  • Swap & Gas Top up in Rabby
  • Refer Friends to Rabby


Be Early for a Potential Rabby Wallet Airdrop >START HERE<


Why Use Rabby Wallet Over Metamask?



Some of Publish0x staff have been using Rabby wallet over more established Metamask for a long time. Benefits of using Rabby include:

1. Smooth multi-chain experience; Automatically switch to the corresponding chain based on your visited site.

2. Pre-sign check for Security; Supported by Rabby security engine.

3. You see exactly what you sign; The first wallet showing your estimated balance change.

Further, Rabby philosophy is much closer to the Bitcoin ethos than Metamsk's is. Rabby is:

  • Open sourced & audited by the professional security company.
  • The only one using the most friendly MIT license among mainstream extension wallets.
  • Adopt the well-proven private key management component from MetaMask.

Qualify for a Potential Rabby Wallet Airdrop >START HERE<


Happy hunting! By preparing for this potential airdrop, you might also qualify for any future DeBank airdrops too!

Be early, get started with Rabby wallet airdrop points farming today!

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