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Decentralized Salvation Made by MultiVAC (MTV)

By PaterPontifex | PUBLICAE | 6 Apr 2021

MultiVAC has designed it´s technology by asking: “Which features of a blockchain are necessary for it to scale to be used on an industrial scale and serve the real economy?”

To relate a true description of what MultiVAC aims to achieve, the reader must first understand the complex meaning of Decentralization.

The term “decentralization” embraces for most humans, little or no meaning at all, yet for a some individuals, it entails a wide variety of ideological concepts, such which only can be carefully analyzed in a cooperative manner, together with other humans of our species. As such, any particular country in the world, cannot in fact stand a chance, at fully defining for all others what it means.

Centralization and Decentralization, on the level of an entire society, creates an appropriate balance of centralization and decentralization, as they are both interchangeable aspects of what makes any society effective and efficient, through a dynamic functioning of government. Even in such cases, when national governments aim to intentionally decentralize governance responsibilities, the State often retains its control over the most important executive administrative policy making and supervisory roles and functions of coordination of authority.

By the transfer some parts of legitimate authority, or even all of authority and responsibility of the State governance of public functions, i.e., by moving it away from central government, to one or many other subordinate public-organizations and/or the private sector operatives.

The meaning of the word and concept, very easily gets lost in the heavy jargon of our language. On the other hand, Blockchain technology was seemingly designed, in order to provide humanity with a true decentralized computing platform. If that were to be achieved, such a system would have to avoid central points of failure in order to increase the efficacy of a valid running consensus algorithm that must finalize decision outcomes. As yet, such technology is not yet Mainstream, yet there is clear hope on our Horizon of Knowledge as we no longer can deny that MultiVAC aims to change this fundamental situation.

Real Worldwide Decentralization is not a single player-game, its multi-player world emerging in real-time in space-time, it is a complex social experiment, a social movement, one which more people are finally weaking up and realizing, we are becoming aware of ourselves as the gamemasters, finally we are awaking from our long period of hibernation in Centralized ignorance.

Decentralization is a good cause for all of mankind, it may offer us a Turn-Key solution and more flexibility as we deal with Climate change and Political instability, while at the same time preventing and combating mis- and disinformation. These ramifications of perceptions hinder our ability to change the specificity of our digital liberty, the freedom of expression we all have as a collective. Once humanity speaks up, we will eventually be able to implement those instruments, deemed as necessary, to change the Status Quo of political and philosophical inactions. This apathy, which we find throughout all Constitutions and Societal Structures of laws, where ethics are disregarded, that is the market of ideas, therein we find Public life crying out for Decentralization.

When we talk about Blockchain technology, Decentralization takes on a whole new meaning, it then refers to the transfer of authoritative control and decision-making delegation from a centralized entity of governance, This authority may be and individual, organization, or any smaller group thereof with a subordinate role inside such a distributed network or team of people working towards the same goal.

However all is not well in the Crypto world, the technology is experiencing major bottlenecks and Centralized birth pangs. Ethereum, which offers programmability functions, is seeing extreme low levels of transactions per second (TPS) and drastically increasing Gas prices. All off this is creating constraints on the realworld use and adoption of Blockchain technology.

“Bitcoin’s throughput is on average only 4–5 transactions per second (tps) and Ethereum’s is 10 tps, causing rampant congestion and backlog for today’s best-known networks. All this while the dominant provider of payment solutions, VISA, easily processes 2000 tps on average and 45,000 tps at maximum capacity.”

MultiVAC tops in at above 30,000 TPS!!!


Many projects in the Crypto space, are building blockchain applications which intend to leverage Decentralization, in some form or another. Every blockchain protocol, Decentralized Application (dApp), Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), or other blockchain-related solution adopts varying levels of decentralization. intends to create its own DAO under soon after our MVP is launched. We are also very much recognizing of the fact, that the need for coordination between Crypto developers, who share a mutual beneficial interest of such technologies which offer us Decentralization, should be addressed thoroughly as these technologies seem to imply that it is the only natural thing to do, for rational ideological reasons.

The adoption level of many of the new and innovative cryptocurrencies, is typically primarily based on the maturity of the given solutions and their operational time in the market. Time-proven reliability, of existing technology, is only as good as its internal incentive model and consensus mechanisms as seen through its power to decentralize its surrounding world. It goes to show, how the true ability of any respective founding team, manages strike the right balance, between profit and project focus.

Highly evolved DAOs offer various crucial components at different stages of development and of decentralization of crypto projects. The world is magic filled with oracles, wise third-party services which provide smart contracts with external information, these clusters of decision authority, may be either partly decentralized or exhibit smart contract features which might be fully centralized. While on the other hand, the governance process itself of such projects, may require for democratic voting procedures as in the case of required adjusting parameters of their contracts through community-driven and decentralized governance.

«Different types of decentralization should be distinguished because they have different characteristics, policy implications, and conditions for success.Decentralized networks strive to reduce the level of trust that participants must place in one another, and deter their ability to exert authority or control over one another in ways that degrade the functionality of the network.»

We recognize; that there is crossover jump, when defining any of these terms, as the precise definitions carry heavy implications when considering the needs for a comprehensive approach to why decentralization matters for all off humanity. Decentralization as a terminology, is not is not a new invention. Architectures that are typically considered, when building technology or real-world decision administration regulatory policy are: centralized, distributed, and decentralized policies. Political decentralization as such, aims to give the citizens of a country or their elected representatives, more power in public decision-making process that exists between the Agent and the Structure of a society. Blockchain technology therefore seeks to, and is able to, increase the level of democratization in any society by giving the citizens power over their own economic conditions, and by such indirectly, enabling them to attain more influence in the formulation and implementation of Individual, Local, Regional and even National governance policies.

«While blockchain technologies often make use of decentralized networks, a blockchain application itself cannot be categorized simply as being decentralized or not. »

Scalability, as many project developers have come to realize and can testify on, is the major blockchain bottleneck preventing the technology from reaching their full and awaited industrial and public governance capacity. Systems developed by MultiVAC are now already tackling the most promising scaling solutions, thus far, as PUBLICAE considers the current situation, MultiVAC is the leader in the field.

How is this even possible?

“Blockchain sharding, have produced progress in parallelizing transaction processing but have not achieved full sharding needed for total scalability. MultiVAC was completely designed to serve as a solution: the world’s first fast, efficient, and all-dimensional sharded blockchain designed for total scalability, performing sharding parallelization not only for computation but also transmission and storage. In this paper, we present an overview of MultiVAC’s sharding and storage solution.»

What is a Shard? (Database Architecture)

database shard, or simply a shard, is a horizontal partition of data in a database or search engine. Each shard is held on a separate database server instance, to spread load.

Some data within a database remains present in all shards, but some appears only in a single shard. Each shard (or server) acts as the single source for this subset of data.

Horizontal partitioning is a database design principle whereby rows of a database table are held separately, rather than being split into columns (which is what normalization and vertical partitioning do, to differing extents). Each partition forms part of a shard, which may in turn be located on a separate database server or physical location.

There are numerous advantages to the horizontal partitioning approach. Since the tables are divided and distributed into multiple servers, the total number of rows in each table in each database is reduced. This reduces index size, which generally improves search performance. A database shard can be placed on separate hardware, and multiple shards can be placed on multiple machines. This enables a distribution of the database over a large number of machines, greatly improving performance. In addition, if the database shard is based on some real-world segmentation of the data (e.g., European customers v. American customers) then it may be possible to infer the appropriate shard membership easily and automatically, and query only the relevant shard.

«Sharding is (…) a method of breaking up the processing of transactions on the blockchain into sub-networks called shards. Sharding is a commonly used scalability mechanism in distributed databases and can also significantly improve throughput. It has seen significant accomplishment in public arena»

Why trust MultiVAC?

The MultiVAC team has the required competence, which the Crypto market needs to meet the demands of scalability. Their system treats shard processes and transactions in parallel. MultiVAC manages as such, to provide an elegant distributed storage solution for blockchains, which produces a robust architecture with divided storage and transmission process across all shards in the blockchain network. In this fashion, MultiVAC indeed has accomplished to provide us in the market, with a blockchain system which truly can serve the Mainstream markets needs in the real economy, while maintaining blockchain’s core values of decentralization, equality, and security.

Decentralization for MultiVAC is not a sliding scale, rather it must be applied to all aspects of the blockchain application. By decentralizing the management of, and access to resources in an application, greater and fairer service can be achieved on a community level of governance of the entire project. Decentralization typically has some negative tradeoffs, such as lower transaction throughput, for MultiVAC this is not an issue!

«In a decentralized blockchain network, no one has to know or trust anyone else. Each member in the network has a copy of the exact same data in the form of a distributed ledger. If a member’s ledger is altered or corrupted in any way, it will be rejected by the majority of the members in the network.»

Decentralization should be applied within those projects, where it actually makes sense. Not all blockchain applications have a need to be 100% decentralized. Blockchain solutions are built in order to deliver solutions which the end-user needs, such tools may or may not, for the sake of community governance only, include certain levels of decentralization, for MultiVAC this number is 100%.

«The current rate of blockchain development is nowhere near capable of servicing millions of transactions that businesses conduct on a routine basis. The entire industry is cognizant that speed and scalability are the factors determining whether or not the use of blockchain will become ubiquitous in modern society»

Currently, and on a broader scale, we can see that decentralized blockchain solutions are increasingly being explored and adopted by many types of organizations and of every size within any conceivable industry. Still at the same time, we see the sad fact, that social media platforms, multi-national companies, and other large organizations sell this user-generated information (data), it is exchanged without the individual seeing any benefit whatsoever from any transaction. A decentralized approach would help make it equitable for all people, and MultiVAC is at the forefront of cutting edge Blockchain development.

MultiVAC believes that in the coming upcoming decade, blockchain technology will, slowly but surely, become pervasively employed in any type of transactions imaginable in the marketplace. But before that can happen, the technology must obtain ease of use cases. The Crypto blockchain community sadly needs to overcome numerous scalability problems. PUBLICAE believes MultiVAC is in a favored position to accomplish this tremendous work, for the betterment of all mankind

What more can we expect from MultiVAC, and why should you also show them your support?

MultiVAC Sandbox

There will be a mechanism to support ETH and BSC addresses and virtual machines and allows one-stop migration from ETH/BSC to MTV.

MultiVAC Bridge

An atomic value transmission protocol across multiple blockchains will be provided.

MultiVAC Swap

An embedded native swap on MultiVAC of permissionless DeFi with extremely low gas cost will be built.

MultiVAC Reserves

The ecosystem will setup an algorithmic approach of wrapped/pegged assets, such as Bitcoins, Ethers, etc.

MultiVAC Governance

More transparent, more trust. A decentralized autonomous organization will be explored for further upgrades and iterations.

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