Believe it or not, Publicae´s Coanda Flying Car, is now being sold on OpenSea as NFT!!

By PaterPontifex | PUBLICAE | 6 Apr 2021

The Future is Now!

Are you ready to witness a revolution? I know you’re probably thinking; that flying cars are still firmly in the realm of techno-utopian fantasy, as they have been for decades. However, the truth is; that flying cars are real, and they hold the potential to shape how we commute, work and live in the coming years.

For most people, flying cars seem futuristic, little do they know, that they are already here with us today. Ask anyone, and they will tell you; that flying, is reserved for movies, science fiction novels and theme park rides. If you are one of those, who think like that, you are not ready for what you are about to read. After decades of promises, personal air vehicles, are finally a reality.

PUBLICAE ushering us into heavenly highways

The CEO of has recently announced his involvement in the flying car’s invention for the future of new world order sky highways and social mobility. The prototype planning is well underway, which will be the first real flying car in the marketplace.

The technical design team, mainly responsible for this project, is the PUBLICAE AI division, and the best part is, that one of the key players in the project is a lady aeronautical engineer.

How is this possible?

First of all, the technology used in flying cars is readily used in aeroplanes and electric vehicles likes Tesla. This invention is possible because of a whole host of advances:

Lighter composite materials.

Advances in communication and guidance systems

Advances in software

Advances in battery production and capacity

More about the PUBLICAE flying car prototype development

This car is probably, the best thing that will happen to the human race in the foreseeable future.

First of all, you can drive it on the highway or opt to fly it in the air.

Secondly, it is suitable for places where demand for commutability is high, but road traffic is bad as it is within large cities near city-centers. Rural or intercity travel, probably won’t, make a lot of economic sense anymore.

The best part is, that they will not be noisy because they are not helicopters or drones.

Benefits of flying cars

Here are some outstanding benefits of flying cars

Less need for on the ground infrastructure

Minimizing traffic pollution

They will free up the city roads for pedestrians and cyclists

Lower emissions over certain distances

They can travel shorter distances to make the same journey in less time

Why did PUBLICAE create the COANDA FLYING CAR Non-fungible token (NFT)?

NFT´s are special tokens and act as scarce digital assets on the Blockchain, these secure that the provenance and ownership are perpetually guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain.

This new crypto-native token standard can empower creators — whether they be artists, developers, inventors or beyond — in a range of ways that weren’t possible before, NFT´s allow for automated royalties right into digital assets.

Some statistics from OpenSea:

While a lot of crypto today is merely about currency speculation, the NFT art market is independent and real.

In just the second half of 2020, the volume of artistic NFTs and user-created content sold has grown from $1 million per month to over $20 million per month. That’s a 20x increase in just six months.

he number of art sellers has grown over 500%, from 1,395 in June to over 8,770 today.

A few other recent NFT statistics:

  • Art NFT sellers have averaged 9.7 ETH per user over the past six months. At the exchange rate of $650/ETH, lower than today’s rate, that’s over $1000 / wallet / month.
  • For just their own NFTs, creators have sold 5.4 ETH (over $3,500) on average over the past six months. In just the Art category, 9.7 ETH ($6,300) was sold per artist on average. (Primary art sellers averaged 7.4 ETH, and secondaries were 9.1 ETH)
  • In just the past 6 months, 45 different artists have each exceeded 100 ETH in primary sales of their artwork. These super-artists averaged 44 ETH of sales per month, or over $28,000 per month per artist in primary sales of their own work. For this elite group, it’s like having a salary of $340k per year.
  • There are now 12 NFT millionaires, or wallets have sold over $1 million USD in NFTs, with Sorare taking the crown at $6 million. One NFT trader claims to have grossed $650,000 from just a $600 deposit.

What are NFT´s ?

Fiat cash is fungible, e.g. a $20 USD bill is completely interchangeable with any other $20 USD bill. Similarly, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether are fungible, i.e. 1 BTC is interchangeable for 1 BTC and 1 ETH is interchangeable for 1 ETH, etc. On the flip side, NFTs, which rely on special token standards to ensure uniqueness, are non-interchangeable and verifiably unique and scarce courtesy of blockchain tech.

In this way, NFTs are like digital collectibles or proofs-of-ownership that are valuable precisely because they are 1/1 or limited-edition assets that are liquid and useful atop a platform like Ethereum. Open marketplace platforms like make it easy to put NFTs from across the NFT ecosystem up for sale.


For PUBLICAE´s long term RoadMap it is indeed a very interesting time to be around the growing NFT economy, as interest and opportunities in the space have never been higher. The NFT sector is still relatively small compared to DeFi, but their promise is already empowering creators today in ways that were never possible before, including PUBLICAE´s CEO who now has announced the secrets of the COANDA Flying CAR as an NFT up for sale.

«An entirely new industry has just been born, and on top of being fun, safe, and pandemic-friendly, it’s remarkably equitable.» OpenSea

Do you want to build your own flying car? Then Now is your chance!

See our Video Promo:

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