What to do with IFarm if you don't have ETH?

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 6 Apr 2021


Publish0x started to pay in IFarm recently, what to do with it?

I don't own ETH because with the high fees it doesn't have a utility to me. I know that IFarm compounds in your wallet even if you don't have ETH, but you can't move it and the fees will destroy you. 

I think that Publish0x should have waited a little bit to make this type of payment, just enough time for it to be listed in an exchange where you can send it and trade it.

Not everything is bad, at least you are compounding a very good token that has a low market cap and a lot of potential. 

Maybe in the next weeks it starts to be listed on exchanges, that will mean a lot for people in Publish0x.

It's just an opinion from a person who doesn't work with ETH blockchain, if you work with that you are all set up to make good returns with IFarm.

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