Vertcoin Listed on CoinEx

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 1 Jun 2021


Awesome news for this giant community, Vertcoin was listed on CoinEx today.

What does this means for VTC?

Great exposure to the public and a very user friendly listing on an exchange. CoinEx is a great exchange with great coins and perfect UI. Now VTC can expect a rise in volume, something that was leaving it behind.

We know that listing in Changelly is also coming, another great exnchange for listing. Everything is getting in place for this sleeping giant, now seems the right time to accumulate VTC, price will probably explode as soon as VTC gets a lot of volume.

For the ones that don't know this project, this coin is a PoW coin that can be mined in old cards, even 3 gb cards can mine it, you can mine it while you are gaming since the Algo is so light. You have a software called one click miner that allows you to mine with only one click, just open the miner and that's it, you don't have to setup anything, all you need is to put your address inside the software. That's really it for VTC mining.

Since it's a GPU mining coin with ASIC resistance you can mine it using renewable energy which makes it environment friendly.

Give it a shot and you will see that even those with lack of skill with a computer can mine it with no problems.

Lets put this coin in the place it deserves to be, atleast Top 100, join our community in reddit and discord and you will see how big this community is.

I'm going to leave my referal link for CoinEx if you want to register and help me at the same time.

Hope you like the project and good investments.

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