Today Klever Takes a Big Step Forwards

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 22 Mar 2021

Hello, have you ever heard of Klever or Klever wallet?

Well it's a Multi-asset wallet, you can use to store your BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, ETH, TRX,DASH, BNB, XRP and DGB. The particular thing about the wallet is that it has a built in browser where you can navigate on Tron Dapps or ETH Dapps, you can also store tokens from TRX, ETH and BNB blockchain. It's very easy to use and a begginer would understand the wallet perfectly.

This wallet has its native token called Klever (KLV) aswell, this token is a TRC-20 token which means it's a token in the Tron Blockchain. You might have notice the rally run KLV had the past weeks, you can check that information on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. That might be due to the intentions and well written fundamentals of KLV. 

Before explaining what's happening today I have to say that Klever is planning its way to be their own blockchain and move away from Tron blockchain.

This "independence" has took its first steps today, Klever holders can stake their KLV during 3 days starting today to mine KFI, a token that will be available in the future KLV blockchain and its use is for DeFi. Only 100k tokens will be released and all the KLV staked to earn KFI will be burned, which means that in 3 days we might have the biggest burn of coins in Blockchain history. This burn might take KLV again to another level in price matters and it ensures a very small circulation of KFI, which can be a high price token because the Max. supply will be very small causing scarcity. For now the KFI token will stay like KLV in the Tron Blockchain as a TRC-20 token. When Klever launch their own blockchain, end of 2021, KFI will move their too. Klever will support a migration tool to convert the TRC-20 tokens to Klever's blockchain.

Here it is a well guided new blockchain, which is doing good moves and smart ones, the project has not be late in their roadmap and it feels like it will be a success. I bought some before the rally run, wish I had bought more because I am 5x in profit. 

Hope you like the article.

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