Staking Coins In a Self Custody Wallet and Earning On Your Unstakeable Crypto

Staking Coins In a Self Custody Wallet and Earning On Your Unstakeable Crypto

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 13 Jul 2021


One day I was navigating in my obscure portfolio and as a proud owner of Ritocoin and BitcoinZ I came across a wallet named Vidulum. After researching a little bit this wallet I found some pretty amazing things.

So, what is Vidulum?

Vidulum is a coin that can be staked to earn some more Vidulum in Vidulum wallet, so far nothing new. The pretty amazing stuff is that it supports 39 other coins, some of them low cap coins and also BTC, BCH, LTC, etc. When you hold a certain amount of some of the supported coins you will get a staking reward payed in Vidulum every day. The best of all is that you keep your private keys which makes this pretty amazing since you are earning rewards and not giving custody of your coins to anyone.

What I decided to do?

I have some Ritocoin and BTCZ and decided I would give it a shot, the truth is that I'm earning rewards every day just by having my coins there. This seems pretty good to me since these coins were gaining some rust in my wallet and now they are giving me rewards.

I must tell you that I don't own a large amount of USD in this coins so I was happy to take the risk and so far so good.

Have you ever heard of Vidulum? Are you thinking of staking there? Tell me your opinion.

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