Public Thoughts #4: TRX Lending

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 13 Dec 2020

Trx lending among with other tokens lending and borrowing started a few days ago. I gave it a try, i put 7900 TRX in the TRX lend with rewards also in SUN.


What i learned from this is that there isn't a lot of adoption in the lend/borrowing ecosystem of Tron. I gave it 5 days and at the end of it i earned 0.01 TRX more or less and 0 SUN. So i lost 5 TRX in fees. I don't know why people aren't moving to Tron blockchain since it is very fast, smart-contracts always go through and the fees are so much lower than ETH. I think you should give it a try just to experience the easiness of the network. I expect to buy more Tron soon since i really believe in this blockchain, it has everything to go the right way. There's only this problem adoption, i withdraw all my TRX from JustLend and put it back on SR rewarding for 1.6 TRX a day. This is exactly like what you have in ETH blockchain but a lot cheaper.


You should take a look, you can lend or borrow, TRX, USDJ,WIN,WBTT and SUN. There's a lot to explore, as it gathers more people the APY will rise and if you lend you will receive real rewards, not this nonsense rewards that you gain.


If you want to know more about it explore and .


If you want a really good wallet for TRX blockchain consider using Klever Wallet since you can do everything in TRX blockchain through it.


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