Public Thoughts #1: CBDC

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 20 Nov 2020

Everyone is talking about CBDC and how it will be used or how it will be built or if this is a good idea or not.

For me, a crypto enthusiast, this has red flags everywhere. Are we really letting governments take over cryptocurrencies? Since the start the idea of a cryptocurrencie was privacy, economical freedom and recently decentralized finance. We are talking about oportunities for everyone equally and make our society a little bit fair. They are taking this all to the garbage and saying we are on charge in here like always. We need to aware people that CBDC is just rubbish and another way to control  our assets and control our lifes. We shouldn't even give attention to this, we should get away from this and inform people of the danger this is for Crypto. We all love Bitcoin, the first concept of blockchain to show it's potencial and we love the ideas behind it and the first decentralized Whitepapper to unite an entire community. 

People can say that this is a little utopic but if we all fight with our knowledge and our words maybe we can change humanity futures a little. We need to support good crypto projects that stand for our freedom and fight against injustice. CBDC'S are here only to hurt us, to make us poor like always. There are crypto projects that are trying to help third world countries, trying to get food on peoples tables, are we really discarding all this? Are we that kind of people? The hell we are, we are the people that stand for justice for everyone, we are the people that fight this corrupted system even knowing that we have little power in this world. But together we can make people aware of this, make people who are suffering even more than us know that we are fighting for them too.

Lets stop this CBDC talk and ignore it like we always ignore people who only want power over others. We are a well driven community think of what Bitcoin stands for, Monero stands for, ETH and all it's DeFi programs. The new coins ADA, Tezos, TRX and many more. 

We fight for a better world and we don't accept this type of coins on our system. Let the CBDC market cap die on birth, it's the only way we all stand a chance of having control over what is ours.

This was todays thought and the first one. I'm glad that the first one was a cry for freedom and justice like we always fought for.

Take care and Best regards.


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Public Thoughts
Public Thoughts

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