Moons? How You Can Make Profit From Reddit

Moons? How You Can Make Profit From Reddit

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 25 Apr 2021


Almost everyone who are inside the business of cryptocurrencies follows some reddit accounts to know the new news or for memes and have a good time. There's a subreddit called CryptoCurrency. This is a very known one and I will explain why.

CryptoCurrency is a place to share your opinions on crypto, you can comment and upvote posts but you can only post when you reach 500 comment karma. Comment karma comes from your comments being helpfull and upvoted. So, what about the moons?

Moons are a reward system built for this subreddit, anyone who comments or posts quality posts gets upvoted by the viewers, at the end of a month period a formula is aplied to your recognized content and you receive a payment in moons. Moons are a ERC-20 token at this time valued at 0.08$. My example for how this works, without much effort and just for commenting sometimes, I made 53 moons last month. Where are moons stored?

In your profile settings in reddit you have a place called Vault, you have to set it up like it's a cryptocurrency wallet, they will give you a seed phrase and you must keep it safe for recovering your vault if needed. After this you are all set up and moons will come directly to this vault.

What can you do with the Moons?

I know three ways of manage it:

  • You can withdraw to your ERC-20 wallet.

  • You can convert it to Nano directly in without fees.

  • You can convert it to Banano directly in without fees.

This concludes your tutorial in how to receive rewards from reddit, now set it up and start earning moons.

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Public Thoughts
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