EOS Showing That It's Here to Stay

EOS Showing That It's Here to Stay

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 11 May 2021


Today we have seen EOS perform in beast mode, it grew more than 40%.

After the troubles it had with the block.one holder selling everything and left EOS in crysis and people angry with the founder of the project, it finally found its way.

The core community never gave up on the project and more and more projects were built in the EOS blockchain, showing that a decentralized blockchain can live without its creator like BTC has shown also.

EOS prouds itself for being a smart-contract blockchain, a fast and a cheap one. Some months ago it surged on a table as the best between chinese population, ETH was somewhere in the middle of the table.

Now with this price increase and the market cap. going higher, we can expect the rebirth of the phoenix that was named as a ETH killer back then.

EOS is going good and strong.

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Public Thoughts
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