Bull Run: Everyone Talks Crypto Now

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 19 Nov 2021


The effects of the bull run are turning everyone to crypto investors right now. It's a little insane that nobody around me talked about crypto, but right now everyone is creating accounts on exchanges and buying crypto.

What does this means?

I hate to say this but this type of thing happens in many markets and sometimes means that this might be the last bull run of this cycle that might end at Q1 2022. When everyone talks about it, it is a strange signal and a strange feeling for everyone that is invested for some time. Don't get me wrong we might be up for the biggest bull run ever by the end of the year. Be cautious after that.

What's the positive stuff to take from this?

You know exactly what happens after a bull run, everyone starts to get away from crypto, many of them call it a scam and we have to deal with this for 3 to 4 years until the next bull run. This is a great oportunity for you to stack your crypto at low prices to be ready for the next one. Don't be scared from the hate crypto will get and all the banks saying that "I told you so", just keep buying at lower prices, that's how you make big money in the next bull run.

You have to keep in mind that everytime a halving happens for BTC the market explodes to new highs, there has been no exception until now, so the same is very likely to happen in 2024.

Keep decaing on crypto, set your goals and be prepared.

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