Being Rich vs Being Wealthy

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 16 May 2021


Today I'm going to conpare two thing that look quite the same but their aren't. You can be Rich and not be Wealthy I'm telling you why.

Being rich is a common people dream, the freedom it gives you is very appealing and if everything is okay with your life you can live your most wanted dreams.

So, how about Wealthy it sounds the same or not?

Being rich is earning a lot of money at once or in a short period of time. This will make you live from that money you earned your entire life and hoping it is enough. Being Wealthy is a completely different thing, it can start by being rich and than making money from your money. A person who is wealthy earns money every second of the day even when they are at sleep, this makes the money to never run out and being always increasing. Wealth is the type of thing that can put a family wealthy for many generations.

I would rather be wealthy because I still could make a difference in the world because I knew the money wouldn't run out. If you are persuing being rich this should be your goal, only being wealthy can make you completely free and guess what, crypto can give you that with all the staking options you have and all the potential good coins you can have.

So try to be wealthy and you might end up in the middle of the way which is being rich and that is good too.

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