Banano Listed on CoinEx

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 28 Apr 2021


Great news for Banano community, finally banano got listed on a good exchange with good liquidity. This made the price spike to 0.03$. 

CoinEx is not one of the top exchanges but is a very promising one, if CoinEx made Banano moon a little imagine what would happen if it was listed on a major exchange.

The time is to get in on Banano, I didn't buy any but I [email protected] some k's. You should start by folding is a great income on Banano and you can still earn some a day, the better the GPU the more you earn.

The subreddit of Banano reached 14k users which says a lot for a so low cap coin. I think this is an hiden gem, it's a meme coin but is proud to be the best meme coin in the market.

If you want to register on CoinEx to start trading Banano or other coins (which are a lot), join by the link bellow and you will be helping me.

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