Banano Broke 0.01$ Today, the Rise of a Meme Coin

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 8 Mar 2021

Hello, today a not so trending Meme Coin broke 1 cent of a dollar, we are talking of a coin that is only Top 800 in terms of market cap. and one with a fanbase very commited. I am fan of this coin too, the subreddit of this coin is very active and does Airdrops very often.

Why you should get in now?

Banano is fork of Nano as you know if you followed by recent posts. This makes Banano easy to tip because there is no fee on transactions, like I previously said you send 1 Banano and person who receives it receives 1 Banano without any fees. What can be better for a tip and meme coin? You just have to grab some and start tipping without worring that the fees will eat your whole coins.

Banano isn't listed in any big exchanges yet, imagine what will happen when it gets listed, there is so much potential in here, go on Coingecko and check where it is listed, one of the most relevant is Mercatox.

This coin exists also to get people to know about the technology behind NANO which is great and feeless as you know and I know that in here we have many fans of this to coins.

Stay safe and fill your bags with more potassium, the psychological barrier of 1 cent has been broken.

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