Starlink Internet is coming this year

By Scandum | psychotropolis | 16 Jan 2020

The Starlink Satellite network will be ready to deliver basic Internet services two months from now in the northern USA, Canada, Central Europe, and Russia.

Not a whole lot is known about Starlink, the ping will be faster than the current Internet network and even faster when the second generation of Starlink satellites is launched. This is of especial importance for international phone calls, and virtually any network traffic that has low bandwidth but requires high speed of traffic.

The available bandwidth is estimated to be around 1000 Mb/s, and likely more as a company could theoretically purchase several antennas.

Starlink Internet will be especially appealing to people in rural areas, and since Starlink Internet will be global by the end of the year it's guaranteed that virtually every large ship will consider upgrading. It's unknown whether Starlink will allow geolocation and be able to compete with GPS, but there's a good chance it'll be faster and more accurate and might be key to providing full auto-piloting of vehicles. This also means that Tesla will be far ahead of the competition when it comes to taking advantage of Starlink.

The big unknown is the price and durability of the antennas, as well as when they will become available. The lack of information might mean there are technical difficulties, or that some epic announcement will take place suddenly with information about the pricing, ping speed, and available bandwidth being revealed.

This will also have an impact on the current Internet infrastructure, the fiber-optic industry is likely to take a big hit, though it's expected that Starlink won't be able to handle the data density of large cities immediately. It's also possible that Starlink will have less overhead than expected and can offer Internet below the current market pricing.

Another unknown is whether Starlink will be able to work out a deal with China due to its censorship laws. Then again, virtually every country except for the USA has some form of censorship of political speech, so all Elon Musk has to do is reuse censorship mechanisms required to operate in Germany and point out the hypocrisy.

Given how all of Starlink's requests are getting instant approval from the US government, despite some whining amplified by the mainstream media that the satellites might annoy some amateur astronomers, there's a good chance that Starlink will become global by 2021 with an exclusive contract to provide Internet coverage to the US military. This means a significant boost in the US ability to engage in global drone warfare at an unprecedented level of reach and precision. 

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