Corona 1984 by George Orwell

Corona 1984 by George Orwell

By Kuio7306 | Psychology of market | 11 Mar 2020

I’m writing this article just for ask an help! N my country (Italy) situation is like 1984‼️
A dispotic way of living is on the way... I’m locked in my place without working since a week and it start to be scareful...

We can’t move from our house... We can’t make a assemblation of people... Most of us are without work... And after two post where I tried to laugh I’m here to ask a tip! 
Tip it to help... 

This situation start to be as 1984 for some reason:

1) nobody can move from this place, if you want you have to make a paper who declare that you aren’t hill and your moving is because of working or something really important

2) Hospital are full and they start to say that if the virus will not stop we will have to decide who deserve care who doesn’t deserve it

3) All shops are close, nobody went there and is going there

4) Supermarket are empty, people come there as the only way for living

5) Many rumors, official or not, are scaring the population. Someone say that this illnes isn’t a banal virus but something strong

6) Politican are confused and make some special law that every day change and force people with new restrictions, harder and harder

7) Most scaring thing is that we actually don’t know when it will finish

It was a joke but now it became serious and trust me, we are not people who are often serious! 

Povera Italia‼️🇮🇹 


Smart, cheerful, in love‼️

Psychology of market
Psychology of market

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