What is Pantos and is it a good investment?

What is Pantos and is it a good investment?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 30 Jan 2020

Pantos is more or less the greatest and most underrated invention in Cryptocurrencies for a long time.

Pantos is a multi-blockchain token. This means that it can be used on multiple Blockchains.

The ideology behind this project is simply amazing. The problems that haunt many cryptocurrency users would simply be solved by this.

I personally had a situation where I could have used this project.

I partook in the Stellar space drop that recently closed.(recently as in last year)

From that space drop, I was able to obtain about 1000 Lumens in free money. I was ecstatic about that. The fact that I was able to get so much free money was beyond me.

At the time, all I was concerned about was getting more BTC, so I instantly went to Changelly to convert my new Stellar to BTC.

I had an address copy-pasted before, so I just lasted it into the receiving address bar and pressed convert.

I had no idea I had copied my ethereum wallet address and sent BTC there. It was gone forever.

If I had used Pantos instead, I would have been able to search the Blockchain for my BTC and actually transferred my BTC to my BTC wallet, saving me the stress of crying for about 3 hours that I just lost about $40 worth of free BTC.

Pantos main aim is to ensure cohesion among all Blockchains.

Usually, you can't perform transactions on different Blockchains at once without using the native token of one of the Blockchains. 

Pantos hopes to change this current state by allowing cross Blockchain transactions.

This is a very great project, and one I hope get mass adoption.


Pantos was created by popular crypto exchange BitPanda. It had been in the world for many months after the conception of the exchange.

It aims to be the primary token of the exchange (just like BNB to Binance), but I believe that it will be much more once mass adoption is reached.


Currently, Pantos isn't doing too well on exchanges. The price has been in a downtrend for a while, and only just popped up a little because of Bitcoin's own pop on price. I strongly believe that once the project is fully completed, and mass adoption is reached, this coin could skyrocket to new highs.

So for now, if you wish to buy this coin, buy it based on future prospects, not as a short term money maker.

Anyway, that's my post! What do you think of this project? Let me know down below!


Shitcoin flipper. Derivatives and options trader. Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and inverse swap contracts. Professional trader. Never financial advice.

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