What alts do I trade?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 5 Apr 2020

Ever since I put up my telegram username for someone to contact me, I've gotten a fair few questions about what alts I'm trading.

I have created this post to give that information out to everyone who wishes to know. 

Now I won't be giving ALL of the alts I trade, as that might make them stop being profitable. However, I would give the ones that I trade at least twice a week, and my profit margins from them usually are in the range of 7-16% after positioning them for 2-3 days.(positioning is when you buy and hold for a while before selling)

Let's get started!

1. LINK(Chainlink)

I know that there's a lot of stuff about the coin that you need to know, but you can find amazing posts all over Publish0x on Chainlink from good writers like M87, so I won't go over any fundamentals.

However, I would say that Chain link usually ranges a lot, with each move from support to resistance being at least 5%, an amazing move for just 2 hours of waiting. You can also use up to 5x leverage on it when trading on Binance, which is why I trade Link anyway.

The coin mostly behaves itself and doesn't do anything abstract, so I love trading it.

2. BRD(Bread)

I find the name of this coin funny, but what I don't find funny is its amazing moves to the upside. These moves are very, very frequent and usually give 6-7% for about 30 minutes of waiting which is amazing.

There's no leverage here,and you can't short this token. However, this coin isn't like Link, in that terrible falls from support happen very frequently. This makes BRD one of my more dangerous coins to trade, although I have never lost money on it because of my risk management.

3. LEND(Aave)

I'm actually a fan of this coins project, which is mostly why I trade it. I don't see any special patterns or whatnot. I just read up its news and trade based on that.

This means that I hardly ever trade this coin, but when I do trade it, the least percentage I have gotten was 10%, which was amazing. I have actually doubled my position with this coin before.

So those are my top picks for alts I trade! Thanks for reading.


Now on to the part you've been waiting for. If you read my last post, you'd know I'm conducting a giveaway of 0.01BTC. Read my last post to get the full gist of how it works.

I want to briefly give the rules of the giveaway here, as well as some other important information:

  • I can cancel the giveaway at any time: Although this is unlikely to happen, if I do deem it fit or if the market moves against me before it is time to pay out, I will cancel the giveaway.
  • There shouldn't be any comments or personal messages asking for me to send them the keys. I received one message on my telegram yesterday, and I didn't care for it much.
  • It's anyone's game.
  • Although this might not matter much, the keys are for a trust wallet account.

That's it guys. Thanks for the support!

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