How to sell your TWT tokens for actual cash right now.

How to sell your TWT tokens for actual cash right now.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 28 Apr 2020

First off, this post isn't relevant if you don't have the Trust Wallet Tokens with you. Get them here now. If you use that link, you get $7 worth of TWT tokens, and if you refer your friends, you can make much more. What are you waiting for? Go, go go!

It has finally happened! The TWT tokens programme that started a few months ago has now had a price put on it.

Those few months ago, I wrote a post saying that you should endeavour to get as many of these tokens as you could, because they're basically free money.

And many people called me out, saying I was lying just to get a few tokens. Turns out I wasn't.

A few lesser known exchanges have listed the TWT token, and it now has a price on it!

I will go over the exchange I used, why I used it, how to withdraw and save a bunch of fees and a lot more. Stay tuned guys!

It is with great shock that I announce to you that you can now withdraw these tokens and get actual cash!

I was browsing through Coinmarketcap, because I wanted to know more about the TWT tokens sitting in my Trust wallet.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on Coinmarketcap, because it hasn't been listed there.

So I went to Coingecko, and sure enough, about 6 exchanges now support the Trust Wallet token!

But I had never heard about these exchanges. So I was skeptical.

However, skepticism never got us anywhere on it's own. I first created a brand new email address to test out all of them, and then proceeded to test them all out. The first one, which was Hoo exchange is definitely the worst. The trading interface is terrible, and they have a terrible reputation. Their volume reports are also fake, and bots rule their BTC/USD pair. Don't trade there at gunpoint.

However, after intensive research, I found one exchange that was the best of them all. It's name is HotBit.

HotBit is just like Binance in its design, and that's nice. It's volume reports aren't fake at all, and apart from a poor Chinese to English translation, I can't complain of anything about this platform. So I signed up and got ready to risk my tokens.

The pair traded at $0.009 as at the time I tried it out. So I sent 100TWT tokens over there.(Get yours here now!)

Within about 1 minute, my tokens arrived. Nice.

I proceeded to move to the TWT/BTC pair, and I market sold my tokens. I got my BTC instantly, which was great once again.

I then proceeded to the withdrawal page. That was where I met my first hurdle.

The withdrawal fees were more than my Bitcoin. Shoot.

But there had to be a way. So I checked the USDT withdrawal fees. They were non existent. About 0.5USDT. Hurray!

So I sold my BTC for USDT, and then sent my USDT to my wallet. Sure enough, it's here now.

That's how to withdraw your TWT tokens! 

Remember, I don't really trust this exchange, so if you're going to use it, create a brand new email for that, and don't keep your tokens there any longer than they have to be. Happy earning!

Remember to pick up your 100TWT tokens here right now!

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