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Bitcoin is behaving weird.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 18 Apr 2020

As if the past few days haven't been weird enough, BTC has started another round of weird.

This time, it's with the trading volume.

The usual cycle or an uptrend involves people first losing hope in a coin, and then dumping it. Then the coin starts bouncing a little, oscillating between a predictable high and low point. It then proceeds to get an influx of fresh volume from people who are interested in gaining some quick profits. This leads them to buy at any price set, in hopes of selling it at an even higher price. This causes the coin to have a false sense of value, and then leads to a pump.

BTC, in our case, has gone through steps 1 and 2. The volume is where it gets weird.

Check out this chart.


Look closely. As BTC's price keeps rising in a very annoying range, it's volume inversely keeps dropping. This isn't right.

Usually, volume is expected to rise along with price. This signifies the presence of new buyers.

I have been watching BTC closely for a while now, and I have caught a few weird moves like this one.

It seems however that there is some inside manipulation with BTC. Some people are driving the price up to attract fresh buyers so that they can dump on those buyers and make a quick buck. 

Thankfully, experience is the best teacher. I have learnt to read volume along with price, and you should too if you actively trade.

What is up with BTC? We'll know in time.

Thanks for reading!

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